The next morning we were up bright and early to find that it had been snowing over night. We all piled on the coach and headed to the Chateua de Versailles. It took us a little longer than it should have due to travelling in rush hour and the snow, but we reached Versailles. The bus driver, Jim got a little lost and ended up driving all around the Palace, however this was quite nice as we got to see the entire grounds, all beautifully covered in snow. We made our way in, and having been told that it was going to cost €25, it was a bonus to find out that it was free for students.

Huge and extravagantly decorated, it was quite a sight and venture to walk around. we worked our way through the many many rooms, including the well known 'Hall of Mirrors' which consists of many chandelier and mirrors along a vast corridor, looking over the gardens.
Details which stood out were the elaborately decorated ceilings, with rich colours and gold to show wealth and the golden fixtures on the old wood...this
in particular reminded me of the current shabby chic look.

After a quick lunch, we set out into the gardens. This gave us great perspective of just how big the building was. The gardens looked beautiful in the snow, but it was just too cold to wander around and appreciate fully.
Back on the coach and Morgaine gave us some info on the Palace of Versailles of the fashion trends, the way of life and some history of the family which was really interesting. After that, we watched Marie-Antoinette, 2006 film starring Kirsten Dunst, set and about Versailles and the life of the Queen before the French Revolution.

We arrived back at the hotel mid afternoon so head back into Paris and went to find Palais de Tokyo...a contemporary art gallery. We found it, but unfortunately there were no exhibitions as it was being refurbished in preparation for an opening later on in the week however it did have an amazing gift shop with so many magazine. Next to it was the modern art gallery and saw some great work.
We could see the Eiffel Tower for the first time from here, so crossed the river and headed towards it. We walked under it and to a cute area with lots of traditional bars and restaurants where a couple of us found a lovely little french bistro, filled with locals.

After that, Jo and I spontaneously headed to l'arc de triumph for some night-time snaps and a crepe. yum.

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