Premire Vision

On our last full day in Paris we went to premiere vision, a textile trade show for people within the fashion industry to pick up on trends for the next year, look and feel new fabrics and components, witness colour trends for the forthcoming seasons as well as converse with manufacturers. The images on this blog have been taken from the P.V website as there were strict rules of absolutely no photography within the event.

Themes were placed around the halls to divide the space and trends, they consisted of; seduction, distinction, relax and pulsation.

SEDUCTION: The seduction universe settles into an interpretation of fluidity and fantasy that is ever more comfortable and easy thanks to softened or fluid behaviours. Silks, woollens and embroideries are washed and matt for a more casual attitude. Cottons and linens lend a fresh, natural feeling while maintaining a preciousness and refined delicacy. Semi-plain visuals target an elegant and discreet everyday, while decoration is a vector for strong expression. In total contrast to this relaxed spirit, the exceptional is accorded a favoured place, with couture-style bulky looks and excessive volume.

DISTINCTION: The distinction universe finds its voice, invoking citywear that's modern and comfortable without losing any of its elegance and mastery. Natural, artificial and synthetic fibres are precisely blended to perfect handles and behaviours. An indispensable ease is dynamically expressed through fluidity and technology. An emphasised casualness, through naturals that never come across as too nonchalant, with a linen-y vegetal handle lending a lively soulfulness to the fabrics. The refined discretion of this urban silhouette is peppered with fresh accents or intense colour, while shirtings boldly venture into multi-colours and acid details. Colour-woven patterns in suitings, knits and shirtings steer clear of standard versions and, whether semi-plain or distinctly visible, eschew halfway measures.

RELAX: The relax universe exploits all its know-how and creativity to address desires and envies now moving fashion in a more casual direction, and this is true for all items in the women's and men's wardrobes. Intermediate weights are diversified and spread out among dresses, shirtings and lightweight trousers. A search for comfort remains at the heart of developments, through the suppleness/lightness/softness trio, ingredients that combine with brio in knits and wovens. Blends of natural and man made fibres lend character to behaviours, imparting fluidity and making handles flirt with a technical or more precious spirit. Visuals, printed decorations and yarn-dyeds are softened, freshened up, or delicately dusty. The variable blues of denim impose themselves in all products.

PULSATION: The pulsation universe focuses on research into effective, practical and targeted performance features that are completely unnoticeable when worn. Even lighter and suppler, weaves and knits target comfort and well being, for hindrance-free motion for sports or an active lifestyle. Fantasy gains ground, all in summery freshness; yarn-dyes, colour and prints stand out in active sports and lingerie as well as in beachwear. There's a growing diversity to eco-friendly fabrics:organic cottons come in colours; non toxic dyes, coatings and washings are further developed; and organic and recycled naturals and synthetics are combined in 100% eco- friendly blends.

Colour charts were available to view....names given to the colour groups;
  • aquatic attraction
  • iced suntan
  • punched up calm
  • luminous darkness
  • floral opulence
  • artificial nature

I had very mixed views about the trend show. On the plus side, it was great to see first hand how the trade fair works, as I had heard about it previous to starting FCP. We also did manage to pick up on some menswear trends for 2010/2011 which is beneficial towards our course and there were some good visuals of which we can take inspiration from.
However, there were many negatives too. Whilst we are on fashion course, we do not design clothes, and I know of few students who are focused on trends within the early stages of design which is predominately what the fair offered. Whilst we went on a student day which meant it was much quieter than the previous days, it also meant that everyone knew that we were students resulting in many people being unwilling to talk to us and also packing away their sections early.
There was a definite limit to the relevance for the trip to PV as it is there for clients to make orders and creative and business decisions. We were not allowed to take any photos and we were even told of on one or two occasions for even taking notes. The large propotion of my notes that I did take, I later found out have been published online.
Another negative to the day was that it was poorly organised. Being in a trade hall, not making orders, not taking photos for 7 and a half hours was absolutely ridiculous and everyones enthusiasm for it dropped radically. It was really dissappointing that we had to spend far too long in a place where the information was limited adn people were unfriendly on our last day in Paris. All in all a very long day and limited research achieved.

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