The Journey

A really long coach ride was taken to get Paris, via the eurotunnel. Leaving Nottingham at midnight and arrriving at our hotel around midday the next day. Luckily it was a night trip so most of were able to sleep a large amount of the way. when arrived at our hotel, we were all pretty disappointed that our hotel was a bulky looking building on the side of the motorway, and the surroundings didn't look a whole lot like Paris. The cold hit us when we stepped out of the coach, but we were all glad to finally have reached our destination. Quick bag drop off and off to find our way into Paris to start exploring.At first we all almost hopped on the tram as opposed to the metro, but quickly realised this and worked our way to the metro around the corner. Our stop 'Bobigny Pablo Picasso'on the oragne line....pretty far out of Paris....40 minutes out.

All very excited and eager to search the city, we worked our way in a rather large group of girls to the area of `montmartre', we were in search of a large market but couldn't seem to find exactly where it was, so wandered along the small streets, looking in a couple of little shops. Much to our horror we ran into a flasher....yes a we hung back in a shop, waited for him to move on then carried on our trip. The large group that we were in didn't seem to be working, so we broke off into a smaller group of five. Turned a few corners and there was the sacre coeur. Up we went the many flights of stairs to discover the absolutley beautiful view of Paris.

We went into the sacre was so peaceful and grand. The gold details in the interior of the church was amazing and the candles lit in the tranquil envirnoment was quite breath taking.
Off we went, down the cable car and carried on to wander through the streets.
By this time we were all pretty tired and cold so we headed to the area of Bastille to find a restaurant. Food accompanied by a Chocolat Chaud, and a moment to soak in the fact that we were in Paris.

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