Many an Art Gallery

We began our day by heading back towards palais de tokyo again as a couple of the girls hadn't taken photos when we went the first time and it was also in the area of museé bacarrat which we were scheduled to go to. after photo taking, we saw that there was a great market so we headed into that which was a nice shelter from the snow which was pouring from the icy skies. the market was filled with all sorts, but predominately food such as crepes, cheeses, cold meats, fish chickens on spits, bread and baked goods...there were also some flowers being sold and some clothing and jewellery items.

We then headed to the YSL foundation, where we saw the exhibition -'les derniers maharajas', which displayed rare and b beautiful Indian clothing.
postcards and printed ephemera was bought then we headed for a hot chocolate.
From there we headed to the museé bacarrat which i didn't know much about before we got there but turned out to be quite beautiful. it was a museum space showing glass and crystal goods over the last few hundred years. it was amazing to see such old glass which was so intricately made and designed in such good condition.

There was also a restaurant within the museum which was beautifully decorated; raw brick walls, clean white linen on the tables and these magnificent chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. it had a lovely mice of old and new
which gave quite a cool look.

We then worked our way to the champs elyseé. having been here before, and really not enjoying the touristy, busy feel to it along with it being bitterly cold, Jo and I went off to find Colette...but failed with lack of address so decided to head to the d'Orsay. Warm, and in the stunning surroundings of the d'Orsay, a converted railway station we looked around the gallery seeing some famous art work by artists such as Van Gogh, Derrain and Renoir. We stayed here until it shut before we headed home, tired after a long day.


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